LRF General Donations

Thank you for supporting lupus research and awareness!

LRF’s EIN is: 815446248.

The Lupus Research Foundation hosts many events, each with opportunities to sponsor teams. Please note:  this donation area is for donations toward our cause:  research and awareness. It’s not the place to donate to (sponsor) a specific team playing in a spiel. To sponsor a team, please go to the main menu, hover over “Lupus Spiel”, hover over the appropriate Spiel, and click “Teams”. Thank you so much for helping us move towards a cure.

*This donation area is for general donations that support our cause, not for specific team donations. 

What Your Dollar is Buying

Here are the LRF “Four Main Points” that showcase why we are worthy and what we will be doing:

  1. We are research-focused.  We support the best research organizations in the world, with a target of 9 years to a cure.  We give more money to research percentage-wise than many, bigger organizations.  How?  We run our organization smart (we have a fraction of the overhead than that of larger organizations).
  2. We are home to the largest Pro-Am for curling in the United States.  Your money is:  growing and expanding this world-renowned event.  And since it’s a world-renowned event, you’re contributing to our other key mandate, raising awareness about lupus (world-wide).  Therefore your money is increasing awareness about lupus – amongst the most caring and generous group of people in the world:  curlers.  If you want to help support this organization, you will be helping find a cure for lupus.  If you’d like to do so as a sponsor, you will be showcasing your company to the rest of the world.  YOU are elevating knowledge about lupus.  YOU are elevating the growth of the sport of curling.  The more we can help curling, the more we can achieve our goals of greater outreach for lupus awareness and funding research for a cure.
  3. We are run by a lupus patient.  She is the exception and not the rule, in that she enjoys long-term remission.  But that is why we are driven to find a cure, so that others can enjoy freedom from lupus forever.
  4. We are inclusive.  

THANK YOU for your partnership in making this happen.


We accept both financial and in-kind donations. 93% of your dollar goes directly towards raising funds for lupus research and raising awareness.