It’s the Lupus Spiel!!!!!

Lupus Spiel Summer 2023 is at the Four Seasons Curling Club at Fogerty Arena in Blaine, MN!

June 30-July 2

Welcome to the Greatest Curling Pro-Am in the World!


6 end games

4 Game Guarantee!

  • Welcome Party!
  • Banquet Saturday night with AWESOME DJ AND GREAT MUSIC!
  • Hospitality Suites! By the Dietz Brothers! Enjoy Joel’s Meat (famous home-smoked flavored bacon)
  • Play with your favorite curlers, the best in the world
  • EVERY team gets a celebrity skip!
  • How it works:  teams of 3 sign up and fundraise to bid on their skip in the Skip Auction
  • *** you may sign up as an individual, pair, or team of 3. If needed, we assemble teams for you
  • Then each team BIDS on a celebrity skip
  • All funds that you bring to the Lupus Spiel, including paid entry fees, or money you raise or sponsorship you bring, COUNTS towards your SKIP BID
  • *Your entry fee counts towards your skip bid* Team entry is $450 (individual entry is $150)
  • Minimum skip bids are $1000 (so if you raise $550, you can bid because you add that $550 to the team entry you paid!)
  • We will provide you with a fundraising page (via the registration page) to help you raise funds!
  • Ask your employer to match your contributions, ask them for sponsorship, fundraise:  all funds you bring in count towards your skip bid
  • To help you raise sponsorship dollars, visit:  Bring Sponsors and call Regan:  720 470 8049. She will help you obtain sponsorship. Just provide her a lead!