Bring Sponsorship, & Count it Towards your Skip Bid. Tools to Help You:

1. Here’s a Sponsorship flyer for you to give to potential sponsors. They might be interested in the fact that this sponsorship program is All-Year Round:  that is, any sponsor who chooses to take part will be listed as a sponsor for all of our events. Sponsor form coming soon! CALL REGAN for help in getting sponsorship!

2. An accompanying Spiel flyer could help show potential sponsors what the spiel is all about! CLICK HERE for the flyer.

3. Here is an informative booklet about the LRF and its history, the symptoms of lupus, and the Lupus Spiel. CLICK HERE for the booklet.

4. Here is the SPONSORSHIP booklet with the Sponsorship levels. Thank you!

Remember, if you can bring sponsorship, it counts towards your skip bid!