How You Pick Your Celebrity Skip:

  • After you register, we will create a team fundraising page for you. Your fundraising dollars count towards your bid in the Skip Auction.
  • Register for Lupus Spiel USA 2021. Register as a team or individual. Let us know your team name so we can connect you with your team members. If you do not have a team, we will place you on one. Teams are made up of 4 members, where the fourth is your Celebrity Skip.
  • Make sure to provide accurate phone numbers so that we can reach you when it’s time to pick your Celebrity Skip! Phone numbers are critical. If you don’t answer, we will move down the list.

See Skip Auction for details. 

1. When you bid on your skip(s) in the Skip Auction, your final bid (what you owe) will be your final bid minus your entry fee (your entry fee goes toward your bid). *** and any sponsorships you bring in etc *** see below. Your entry fee is essentially how you get registered.

2. We encourage every team to use the Skip Auction and bid on a skip / skips. We highly recommend you bid on several skips (at least your “top 5”) to ensure your opportunity. The reason for the Skip Auction is to provide a more direct route to your skip and increase transparency. So, for those curlers that DO NOT bid on skips in the Skip Auction, or, for those curlers that want a skip that has not been bid on, the skip-pick will be the “draft” 

  • Sponsorship you bring – See the SPONSORSHIP kit to help you bring these in
  • Personal payment
  • Corporate matches
  • Your grandma’s contribution
  • Other campaigns (online or other)

Simply submit your bid, and then pay what you owe

We will close the Skip Auction approximately two weeks prior to the spiel. Exact date and time to be announced shortly

  • Again, for those teams that do not bid on a skip in the auction, the top money-raisers get first pick of those skips that were not bid on, and the list goes on from there. What we mean by “money raised” is ALL money you have contributed, including entry fees you have paid, payments you have personally made, corporate matches, or sponsorships you bring in.
  • You can find your personalized page under Teams.  Share this page with your contacts, friends and family to make your fundraising a success! For fundraising tips, see the Teams page and use the Sponsorship Kit!
  • Reminder:  hit “Submit” after filling out your form. You will see a note about processing, then make your payment.
  • Please allow 24 hours for your team page to be approved.  Then you will see your post on the Teams USA 2020 page.
    • System, used in previous years, based on money brought to the foundation (via any means including fundraising, payment, sponsorship, corporate matches, etc). wherein whoever brings in the most money gets first pick. In this scenario, your entry fee will be a factor in your skip-pick. It is TOTAL MONIES BROUGHT to the foundation that determines your spot in the draft order.