St. Paul Cash Spiel in Partnership with Lupus Research Foundation

Thank you for coming to the St. Paul Cash Spiel! Thank you for signing up to participate in our dinner! We are very excited to host you.

The St. Paul Cash Spiel is again partnering with the LRF

The LRF is hosting a meal Friday night for all the players, families, and spectators. Please join us!
The meal is open to everyone. We will kick off the weekend with this special dinner Friday, Oct. 4th from 5-9 pm. A portion of the proceeds goes towards the mission of the LRF: to help find a cure for lupus by raising funds for lupus research and by raising awareness. Come join in the camaraderie with all the curlers, friends, and family. It’s a great family-friendly event for spectators. Have a meal with the whole gang then watch some of the best competitive curling around. Tickets are $20.
Please RSVP (buy tickets) by Sunday Sept. 29.
The dinner will be the same as last year:  chicken marsala, veggies, potato, and salad. We will serve it timing-wise such that it will accommodate draw times of the players. That way, everyone can eat, curl, and spectate!
Stay tuned for more details.
There will be other items at the club on auction to support the LRF. Please make sure to stop by the LRF booth and learn more about us.

If you have any questions, contact Regan Birr:  cell 720 470 8049 or

Purchase your dinner tickets here:

Spiel-Meal Tickets:  we hope you don’t mind, we built in the credit card processing fee:

Thank You!