Our Commitment to Research

Research is a key mandate of the LRF and is the reason we do what we do.  Why we are committed to research:

This is a lupus-patient-run organization.  The mission is to find a cure for lupus, based on the director’s lupus experience and other lupus patients’ experiences, and to find a cure now.  Patient feedback tells us that the best way to help lupus patients is to find a cure.  We agree, and we’re listening. 

We’re keeping things simple:

Regan and other lupus patients’ loved ones put a committee together to make this very important decision.  The decision was to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE.  Of our two mandates, raising money for research and raising awareness, lupus research ignites the fire in our souls.  We want to end this disease, and a cure is in sight.  Help us end lupus now.


We commit a larger percentage to research based on our size than do other organizations.  How?  Because we run smart.  We have very low overhead.  We are small but mighty.

Talk to us about directing your entire donation to research.

What this means for you:

You can trust that your money is being spent wisely, and that it is going to the right place.

Who We Fund

One of the top research centers in the world:

Dr. Timothy Niewold, Vice Chair for Research in the Hospital for Special Surgery Department of Medicine

Hospital for Special Surgery

NYU Langone Medical Center, Colton Center for Autoimmunity

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Together, we will find a cure.