Curling + Caring = Lupus

What a great combination!  

You might be asking yourself:  how did this come about, and why put curling and lupus together?

Because curling is fun and HAS THE GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

We’ll let you in on a little secret:  CURLERS CARE.  And thank you to you as well, for caring too.  Did you know that curlers have raised almost $675,000 towards the cause already?  And we are pushing for the stars!  If you’re not already a curler, join our curling family!  Click here to get involved.

And, curling is a sport that lupus patients can do.  It is a sport that everyone can do!  If a person wants to deliver the stone from a standing position (as they do in shuffle-board), they can use a “stick” (a special curling delivery stick) to do so!  Lots of people use a stick:  from seniors to folks with arthritis to folks with sports injuries or recent surgery.  That is why we love it, because it is inclusive and participatory.  Curling can also be a support community.  Not only for those with chronic challenges, but for everyone.  Curling is communion.  

So how did this come about?  It all started with the Lupus Spiel.  The warmth and kindness of curlers shown during the Lupus Spiel was – and words don’t quite do it justice – astonishing.  It is one of the main reasons we started the LRF.  The curlers’ generosity has made lupus research catapult.  It is now the mandate of the LRF to expand lupus awareness to this group of positive, willing-to-help people, while helping grow the sport of curling!  

The Lupus Research Foundation is proud to increase awareness of lupus through curling.  So when you think curling and caring, think lupus!

Curlers Care:  Curling Partners

Partner clubs are joining the LRF with excitement to help find a cure.  

If you’re interested in becoming a Cure-Lupus Club (or other organization), reach out to us!

Benefits include bringing new groups of curlers to your club, raising awareness about your club, and discounts to the Lupus Spiel.
All organizations are welcome!

To join: