Lupus Spiel USA 2019


Registration Steps:

  1. FIRST:  CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE to register. You will receive a confirmation email. The link in the email will redirect you back to this page to proceed to Step 2.

  2. “Campaign Details” form:  fill it in, then click Submit Campaign. You MUST click Submit Campaign for your campaign to be acknowledged. Then, you’ll be redirected back to this page again to fill out form 2. Sorry for some repeat, the forms aren’t perfect.
  3. “Team Members” form:  fill in team members’ names and phone numbers, then click Submit. If you don’t have second or third players, write “NA”. Again, you must hit Submit for your info to be acknowledged. You’ll redirect back to this page to make payment:
  4. Pay through PayPal. If you would like to cover the credit card processing fee, just add 3%. Thank you!
  5. LOCATE YOUR CAMPAIGN under “Lupus Spiel”, “View the Teams” and start sharing your link! You should be able to see your campaign right away. If you don’t, contact us:

Three Quick Considerations as you register:


This year we are introducing a “pay what you can” entry fee. We are going to more teams! So if the entry fee is too steep, do what you can; we want you to play!

Just note that your entry fee will be counted (credited) towards picking your celebrity skip

Suggested entry fee:

  $150 per person

  $125 per person aged 21 and under

TOTAL MONIES BROUGHT to the foundation determines your Skip bid.  

You can bring in money from: 

  • entry fee
  • your fundraising page (for fundraising tips, see “View the Teams”)
  • SPONSORSHIP – use SPONSORSHIP kit to help bring these in. 
  • personal payment
  • your grandma’s contribution
  • other campaigns (online or other)
  • any other source


Skip Auction:  this is a direct route to your skip. Click HERE for details and click HERE for the auction itself. 

How it works:

This form creates your online fundraising page for your team.

Your donors can access it by going to:

  • The Lupus Spiel tab, Lupus Spiel USA 2019, and View the Teams
  • Share your link on facebook, twitter, email and everywhere!

Did you “Create your account”? If not, scroll to the TOP of this page, create account then come back to this form.

2. “Campaign Details”. This form creates your campaign (your personal page) that you share with friends and family to help fundraise and pick your Celebrity Skip. Obtain this link from “Lupus Spiel” then “View the Teams” tab


Campaign Name: Team Name. If you’re signing up as an individual, simply use your name.

Short Description: This is what people will see when they click on your campaign. Write out all teammates’ names so folks can see them. Tell us why you are playing the spiel and why it speaks to your heart.

Remainder: Fill in fundraising goal. Leave “length of days” as it is. Click the boxes “USA 2019” and “Lupus Spiel 2019”. Enter more info in Full Description. Upload a picture and video (optional). Form 2 is going to ask for your address again so you could just fill it in there.

Make sure you click “submit campaign” before you move on to the second form


3. “Team Members” form. Sorry for the repeat. Enter ALL players’ names and phone numbers so we can contact you for your skip pick. If no second or third player, type NA. Hit “Submit”.

  • You must hit “submit” (above) for your registration to be recognized.  Then you will redirect back to this page to make payment.

4.  Please self-enter the dollar amount below. Remember, “pay what you can”. If you’d like to add the credit card processing fee, just add 3%. Thank You.