You build two dream teams, each with three celebrity skips. The dream teams will play each other in a special 4-end game Saturday night after the Live Auction.

The remaining spot on each team will be for an amateur! It could be you! It’s a flip on the Lupus Spiel Pro-Am!


Step one:  donate money on behalf of the skips. The six skips that get the most donations will be part of this dream game.
Donations can be of any size, and you can keep donating as many times as you want. We’ll update the list of skips as we go.
Step two:  come to the Live Auction Saturday night for your chance to play. You need not play in the Lupus Spiel to participate!

So, you have a chance to build your Dream Team and play in it!

If you win the Live Auction chance to play, you can choose your lineup!  You could be the skip of your Dream Team!

Click on the shopping cart beside each skip to donate on a skip’s behalf.

Put as much money as you want towards any skip(s). You may donate on behalf of as many skips as you like. Just add your donation to the shopping cart.
Build your team, then bid on your spot at the Lupus Spiel Live Auction Saturday night Nov. 3!

Good curling, good cause, and see you there!

Pat Ryan

Jessica Schultz

Shannon Kleibrink

Cristin Clark

Luc Violette

Lyle Sieg

Em Good

Mac Guy

Todd Birr

Regan Birr

Joel Larway

Duane Rutan

Ken Trask

Sharon Vukich