About Lupus Spiel Seattle

Lupus Spiel Seattle is very special. It is the first expansion of “Lupus Spiel USA”, and we are proud and grateful to curl at the beautiful Granite Curling Club of Seattle. 

First formed in 2014 in Blaine, Minnesota, Lupus Spiel USA has become the largest curling Pro-Am in North America. Lupus Spiel Seattle represents the growth of the spiel and foundation, and takes us a giant leap closer to the cure.

Lupus Spiel Seattle:

November 2-4, 2018

Granite Curling Club of Seattle:  1440 N 128th Street, Seattle, WA

Goal:  Raise money for lupus research

Event Format:
  • Olympic and World curlers are paired with “amateur” curlers of any level
  • Curlers raise money to pick their celebrity skip – top money-raisers get FIRST PICK of skips; the list goes on from there
  • Three-game guarantee
  • Full eight-end games
  • 24 teams
  • Parties Friday and Saturday night
  • Auction
  • Dream Team Lupus Spiel Celebrity SmackDown – your chance to BUILD your dream team, and then PLAY WITH THEM!
    • This will be broadcast on facebook, with the two “amateur” spots to be auctioned at the LIVE auction Sat night

Cost and Signup Info:

  • Register and sign up at “About Lupus Spiel-Seattle 2018” submenu item “Registration-Seattle 2018”
  • Your registration includes a seat at the special Saturday night banquet (to purchase extra tickets, they are $50, payable to the “General Donations” button)
  • Sign up as a “team” of one, two, or three people:  cost is $160 per person. For those aged 21 and under, cost is $125 per person
  • Then fundraise like crazy to pick your skip!
Details on Fundraising:
  • Raise funds to pick your favorite celebrity skip! Top money raiser gets FIRST PICK!
  • When you sign up, you automatically create a “campaign”. USE this campaign to FUNDRAISE! More details on the “Registration” page.
  • When you sign up, we send you a link to this PERSONALIZED PAGE (campaign). SHARE it with all your family and friends!

WHAT COUNTS for Fundraising:

  • If you BRING IN SPONSORSHIP, that COUNTS TOWARDS your skip pick!
  • USE OUR SPONSORSHIP KIT to help you get sponsorship! Download it at “Sponsorship Kits-Seattle 2018”
  • If you bring in COMPANY MATCHES, that COUNTS towards picking your skip! Look into these at work

TIPS for Fundraising:

  • Use ANY method of raising money, including facebook, Go Fund Me, and Twitter campaigns. For more tips, go to the “Teams” page!
  • The “Teams” page also shows you everybody’s running total (see “Teams” for how to see true totals)!
  • Use our “Sponsorship Kit” to help you! Get people excited about the spiel!

Skip List so far:

Pat Ryan – One of the most famous curlers in the world. Known as “The Ryan Express”. Two-time World Gold medalist (once as skip, once as third for Rick Folk:  1989, 1994). Skip of World Gold medalist senior team 2007. Talented singer/songwriter. Pat is from Canada and also holds a World Silver Medal from 1988, two Golds (1988, 1989) and a Silver (1985) from the Labatt Brier, a Silver from the 1987 Canadian Olympic Trials, and a Gold (199 4), Silver (1993) and Bronze (2003) from the Nokia Brier. It has been said that he and his team are responsible for the free guard zone, due to the team’s ability to peel rocks.
Jessica Schultz – Olympian 2014, 2006, beloved repeat Lupus Spiel skip.
Shannon Kleibrink – Olympic Bronze Medalist Skip 2006. Hailing from Canada, Shannon also holds a Silver Medal in the 2008 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and a Silver in both the 2009 and 1997 Canadian Olympic Trials.
Cristin Clark – Mixed Doubles U.S. Gold Medals:  2012 (4th in Worlds), 2011, 2009. Mixed U.S. Gold Medals:  2015 (5th in Worlds), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002. Eight appearances (as skip) at U.S. Nationals.
Luc Violette – Gold Medalist Junior U.S. Nationals:  2018 (4th in Worlds), 2017 (Silver Medal in Worlds!), and 2014.  Silver Medalist Youth Olympic Games:  2016.
Lyle Sieg – World Gold Medalist Skip at Senior Worlds 2015, Gold Medalist Senior U.S. Nationals 2015. Played in the Brier in ’81!
Em Good – Gold Medalist U.S. Mixed Nationals 2016, Gold Medalist Club Nationals 2012 (as skip), Washington Women’s Champion 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.
Mac Guy – Gold Medalist U.S. Mixed Nationals 2016.
Todd Birr – World Bronze Medalist Skip 2007.
Regan Birr – Founder of Lupus Research Foundation and Lupus Spiel, past competitive Canadian curler.
Joel Larway – Bronze Medalist at World Men’s 1992, Gold Medalist in three U.S. Nationals 2004, 2001, and 1992, Gold Medal Club Nationals 2014. Skip.
Duane Rutan – World Gold Medalist Senior Worlds 2015, Gold Medalist Senior U.S. Nationals 2015, Gold Medalist Club Nationals 2015.
Ken Trask -World Gold Medalist Senior Worlds 2015, Gold Medalist Senior U.S. Nationals 2015.
Sharon Vukich – A champion skip, Sharon’s Gold Medals include:  U.S. Women’s Nationals 1980 and 1987, U.S. Senior Nationals 2010 and 2009, and U.S. Mixed Doubles 2010. She also has a World Bronze Medal from the World Women’s Championship 1980.

Kevin Martin will be conducting his world-famous academy!