Lupus Seminars

We work with Lupus Foundations and patient educators from around the country to provide information about healthy living. We have worked with HeathPartners, Duke University with Medical University of South Carolina, Lupus Foundation of Northern California (LFNC), and others. It is important to work with lupus patients and exchange information about how to live well with this chronic disease. Other related diseases discussed include arthritis and Sjogren’s.

Our next lupus seminar is about being healthy with lupus, specifically regarding cardiovascular issues, as presented by Dr. Rekha Mankad of the Mayo Clinic, and gentle exercise, provided by Regan Birr with Regan MOVES. It will be Aug. 19, 2023 in partnership with the LFNC.

Sign up information will be coming soon. These are free events, so stay tuned to make sure you RSVP.

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