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Why should you support this organization?

There are a lot of organizations you could be a part of.  And we appreciate that you care about where you spend your time and energy. Here’s how this organization will change people’s lives:

A larger percentage of our budget than other organizations goes to research.  You will have a greater impact.
We are focused on 5 years to a cure.  This number was given to us by our researchers and we stand behind them.
We are lupus-patient run:  driven, focused.
We are inclusive.  We want YOU to talk to us.  Your voice will be heard.

We involve the sport of curling, and curlers care.

We host one of the largest curling events in the world.  So not only are you raising money for lupus research, but you are also promoting awareness world-wide.
We devote all our precious resources towards funding research and raising awareness.  If you support our organization, that is what YOU will do.
Please join us.  

What Sets Us Apart

Here is what makes us UNIQUE:

The Four Main Points:

1. We are research-focused.  We support the best research organizations in the world, with a target of 5 years to a cure. We give more money to research percentage-wise than many, bigger organizations. How? We run our organization smart (we have a fraction of the overhead than that of larger organizations).
2.  We host the largest curling Pro-Am in the world.  This is excellent for raising awareness, our other key mandate.
3.  We are lupus-patient run.  We understand the gravity of lupus. This is still a life-threatening disease. We are determined to find a cure.
4.  We are inclusive.  We want to work with you. We want to hear you. We want to integrate with you. Let’s do this together. We hope you will join us. Because YOU make this happen. You make a difference.

History of the Lupus Research Foundation

Four years ago Regan and Todd created Lupus Spiel USA, which has become the LARGEST CURLING PRO-AM in the WORLD.  

They combined their experience in curling with their passion to make a difference in lupus. Regan is a competitive curler from Canada, and Todd is a World Bronze Medalist skip who has been a champion curler all his life.  

The event has quickly become world-known, and brings in the best curlers in the world.  

With the success of the Lupus Spiel, Regan and Todd decided to create an organization that could accomplish two key goals:  oversee and grow the Lupus Spiel, and increase funding for lupus research by creating other events and endeavors.

With the help of a fantastic board and advisory group, the Lupus Research Foundation is doing just that.  

Already, more has been given to lupus research than other organizations with bigger budgets.

Join us!  We want to hear from you. Contact

For more information about the Lupus Spiel, visit “Curling and Lupus”

About the Founder, Regan Birr

Regan Birr is the founder of the Lupus Research Foundation, along with her husband, Todd Birr.

Regan is the executive director of the LRF team, comprised of people passionately working towards a cure.
Regan is a lupus survivor. With a diagnosis several years ago of severe kidney involvement due to lupus, she was facing a grim future. Her health needed immediate attention. The treatment was 2.5 years of a breast cancer chemotherapy called Cytoxan (even though Regan did not have breast cancer).  The goal was to suppress her over-active immune system and prevent it from attacking her kidneys. Early diagnosis, and the right diagnosis, saved her life:  the Cytoxan, along with high-dose prednisone, put her into remission and her lab results eventually returned to fairly normal levels. However, she still felt very ill  Daily, she experienced severe joint pain, the kind that kept her up at night and caused her to walk with a cane, and she dealt with extreme fatigue  Her fatigue was such that trips to the grocery store would exhaust her, and all she could do was buy groceries – not unload the car. Some days a load of laundry was too much; other days making a meal was all she could do. This period of time was mentally grueling. She is a mechanical engineer, and is always analyzing and problem-solving, so having a weak body only amplified the frustration and at times, depression and desperation, she was feeling.  Her journey towards health took almost a decade  But because of the early diagnosis, along with diet change and exercise, she did recover, and now enjoys a high quality of life and remission. But she realizes that most others aren’t so lucky.  That is why she is passionate about finding a cure, because that’s the best way she can help people living with lupus.

Together, with Todd, who is a competitive curler, they are focusing on the NEXT 5 years towards a cure.  For more information about Regan and Todd’s teamwork towards a cure, visit “Lupus Spiel USA” and “Curling & Lupus”.

About the Lupus Research Foundation

The Lupus Research Foundation (LRF) is dedicated to helping find a cure for lupus.  In fact, we are dedicated to helping those with lupus see a cure within 5 years. Because like all people living with lupus, we don’t want to see another young person have to go through what we did.

That is why the Lupus Research Foundation is focused on the word within our name:  research.  

The mission of the Lupus Research Foundation is to help find a cure for lupus by raising funds for research, and by raising awareness.

The vision is to see this happen within 5 years.

The LRF is comprised of a board of directors that brings medical expertise and fundraising skills to the table, and a team of advisors with marketing and sponsorship experience. The LRF is a team geared towards finding a cure.  

The LRF was founded by Regan Birr and her husband, Todd Birr. Regan is a lupus patient, who wants to help find a cure by marrying her passions of curling, music, and funding research. Regan was diagnosed with kidney involvement, underwent 2.5 years of chemotherapy (Cytoxan), and needed about 10 years of recovery. The next 5 years are focused on a cure!  

For more about Regan’s story, visit the “About the Founder” tab.

That’s it!  Now you know all about us, because we are keeping it simple.

Here’s what we want you to know:  you can help! We value you. We want to hear you. We need people just like you to help us achieve our goal. Join our team:  collaborate with us, share with us, work with us! Together, we WILL find a cure!

Contact us to find out more.

About Lupus


Lupus is an auto-immune disease wherein an overactive immune system attacks healthy tissue. Organs can be attacked, such as kidneys, brain, heart, lungs, and eyes, as can skin, hair, and joints.

Lupus is more prevalent than AIDS and MS combined.

Lupus is more prevalent than AIDS, MS, sickle-cell anemia, and cystic fibrosis combined. It affects 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people world-wide.


There is NO cure for lupus. Immune-suppressing drugs include:
-Cytoxan / cyclophosphamide (a breast cancer CHEMO)

One in 210 people HAS LUPUS.

It mostly affects women (90%), and people of color.


Here’s what you need to know
1 YOUR HELP WILL HELP US FIND A CURE – we are focused on cure

Outsmart lupus
There are ways to manage your disease, ways to have your HEALTH with lupus. Call us.

If you want a real-life story, call us. We’ll CONNECT you with your perfect lupus mentor.

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