Kevin Martin Academy Benefiting the Lupus Research Foundation, with Special Guest Instructors Brad Jacobs, Shannon Kleibrink, and Jo-Ann Rizzo!

In conjunction with the Lupus Spiel   

This Academy Counts Towards Your Skip Bid

Four Seasons Curling Club at Fogerty Arena: 9250 Lincoln St. NE, Blaine, MN 55434

Thursday May 30, 2024

About Kevin Martin:

Kevin is a world-renowned skip with two Olympic medals:  Gold from 2010 and Silver from 2002. He’s been teaching his high-level curling skills academy for decades in Canada, and now we get to learn it first-hand. Kevin was voted by his peers as “the greatest curler of all time” and “top Canadian male skip of all time”. He is a World Curling Hall of Fame member. Kevin won a record 18 Grand Slam titles and eight Players’ Championships. Over the course of his career, his teams won approximately two million dollars. Kevin was the first skip to win a “career Grand Slam,” winning a title in each Grand Slam event, after he won the Players’ Championship in April of 2005. Kevin also owns Kevin Martin Curling, a one-stop shop:  from stones and scrapers to pebble heads and apparel. He has the Inside Curling podcast with Warren Hansen and is the Olympic commentator for curling, the Grand Slams (which he helped establish), and World Curling events. Kevin is as nice as he is knowledgeable and enjoys meeting people and sharing his love of the game.

About Brad Jacobs:

Brad is an Olympic Gold medalist and fan-favorite skip. He is also a World Silver Medalist, and holds a Gold, Silver, and three Bronze medals from the Brier. He has had 15 Brier appearances, and 7 Grand Slam victories. Brad is excited to be here and help teach this clinic, and to play the Lupus Spiel.

Take this wonderful opportunity to learn from Kevin and Brad

This package includes:

  1. “Technical” Session:  technical skills for your delivery:  on-ice techniques to properly slide and deliver the stone.
  2. “Strategy” Session:  breakdown of scenarios when you have hammer/no-hammer, and when you’re up/down. In classroom. Includes strategy book with illustrations for you to see, understand and emulate Kevin’s strategy. Take notes in it, and take it home with you
  3. “Team Systems” Session:   *NEW*  roles and responsibilities of each player in 4-person AND Mixed Doubles curling. All on ice

*** Scroll down for detailed description and schedule ***

*** If you are playing the Lupus Spiel, this academy COUNTS towards your Skip Bid ***

Kevin Martin is a two-time Olympic medalist skip. He won 18 Grand Slam titles on the World Curling Tour, and a record eight Players' Championship titles. Over the course of his career, his teams won around $2 million. He was the first skip to win a "career Grand Slam," winning a title in each Grand Slam event, after he won the Players' Championship Grand Slam event in April 2005. Martin also holds the record for the most Olympic victories, with 20 total wins at the Olympics.

Kevin Martin

Detailed Description of Sessions:


On the ice

• Learn how to throw like Kevin Martin
• All ages and skill levels are welcome
• Class has only 24 people; you will get personalized instruction
• Kevin will customize instruction to address your needs. He has an amazing eye and way of explaining key concepts that will change your game dramatically. This is for any level of skill. Top players in the world come to Kevin every year for guidance.


  • All on-ice
  • Kevin’s Four Pillars of delivery:
    -Set up

You will be delighted with the results. Get ready to change your game!

Team Systems:   * NEW *

On the ice
Fabulous real-time, real-life scenarios of team systems:  roles and responsibilities of each member of the team.
• for four person and Mixed Doubles curling
• game management
• roles for front end in 4-person:  timing, clearing, sweeping
• roles for backend
• front end and backend working together
• roles in Mixed Doubles:  broom holding (who should hold the broom? And when?), sweeping, communication, all the things we need solid advice on to improve our MD game
• sweeping:  in 4-person curling and in Mixed Doubles including popping up and sweeping
• MD rules and how to play; strategy

This visual learning class will include (not limited to) learning exactly where do you hit the rock to make this double? What is the drag effect and how can I use it in my game? How do rocks spin and interact with each other. Angles! All of this comes into play in 4-person and in MD because of play to the middle.

This is an excellent session. Can’t miss.


In the Classroom

Strategy Book with Illustrations Included

Learn Kevin’s way of thinking. He’ll start with the “big picture” and go from there. Questions are welcome. This is meant to be an interactive session so you can truly grasp Kevin’s smart yet simple strategies. This is good not only for skips but the entire team. It will help you all be on the same page, which will increase your team cohesiveness and help you win.


Thursday May 30:

Technical:  2:30 pm – 4:25 pm

Strategy:  4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Team Systems:  6:30 pm – 8:15 pm

Time with Kevin:

Above and beyond learning with Kevin, you will have the opportunity to visit with him! Ask questions, have fun, and get a photo and autograph. He loves working with people and helping improve their game!


If you are interested in sponsoring this event, your sponsorship will go towards your registration fee. Same goes if you can find a sponsor on our behalf. Thank you!

Here is an informational booklet about the Lupus Research Foundation that you can use for sponsorship: