About Lupus Spiel USA

The Lupus Spiel is the largest Pro-Am tournament for curling in the world. Its prime purpose is to raise money for lupus research. It was created in 2014 by Regan and Todd Birr. To date, it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are multiple locations:  the flagship location is Blaine, Minnesota, every year, in May. We have also held a satellite Lupus Spiel in Seattle.

How it Works

How it works is:  Olympians and World-level curlers are paired with “amateur” curlers (curlers of any experience), where the “ams” raise money to play with their favorite skip. Fun mulligans are introduced into each game, which make each game really fun and exciting. Family-friendly and fun, the Lupus Spiel has garnered a world-wide reputation as the “best bonspiel out there” and the “most well-run charity curling event there is”.