Lupus Spiel USA 2021 Skip List


Kevin Martin – Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist, World Gold Medalist, four-time Tim Hortons Brier Gold Medalist, World Curling Hall of Fame (Canada)

Todd Birr – World Bronze Medalist skip 2007, 3x U.S. National Champion

Shawn Rojeski – Olympic Bronze Medalist 2006, 5x U.S. National Champion

Gene Hritzuk – Gold World Senior Medalist skip, Gold Masters Champion (Canada)

Jock Tyre – World-level curling coach, manager of Kelowna Curling Club, the largest curling club in the world

Hunter Clawson – Gold Medalist skip U.S. Mixed, Olympic Trials competitor 2017 and 2021 (Men’s)

Evan Workin – Gold Medalist skip U.S. Mixed, Olympic Trials competitor 2021 (Men’s)

Rachel Workin – Gold Medalist U.S. Mixed

Christina Lammers – Gold Medalist U.S. Mixed

Cait Flannery – 2021 Olympic Trials competitor, Gold Medalist U.S. Juniors (skip), Silver medalist Youth Olympic games

Regan Birr – organizer of the spiel

Jed Brundidge – 2021 Olympic Trials competitor (skip)

Kim Rhyme – 2021 Olympic Trials competitor (skip)

Korey Dropkin / Rich Ruohonen (Korey plays first game (Friday night), Richie plays the rest) – Korey is a World Jr. Silver medalist, multiple U.S. National Champion and 2021 Olympic Trials skip, Richie is a two-time U.S. National Champion and 2021 Olympic Trials skip

Cameron Rittenour – 2021 Olympic Trials competitor

Coleman Thurston – Gold Medalist U.S. Juniors

Cora Farrell / Ethan Meyers:  Cora plays Friday and Sunday, Ethan plays Saturday. Cora is a 2021 Olympic Trials competitor, and Silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games. Ethan Meyers is a Gold medalist in U.S. Juniors, and placed 5th at Worlds

Lexi Lanigan – Gold Medalist U.S. Juniors , Gold Medalist U.S. Mixed

Jeff Currie – Gold Medalist Canadian Juniors, Brier competitor as skip 2014

Brady Clark – Two-time Gold Medalist Men’s, (skip), 10-time Gold Medalist Mixed, three-time Gold Medalist Mixed Doubles