Skip Auction

  • Curlers can bid on skips via silent auction (listed below). You must log in to bid (use the “login to bid” button below).
  • April 23, this auction will close in TWO groups: 7 pm (Central) and 9 pm. You can break out the groups by the dropdown menu below.
  • NOTE:  ANTI-SNIPING software will be implemented:  this is an automatic extension of the auction time if a last-minute bid is placed. If a bid is placed within FIVE minutes of the deadline, the deadline will be extended by TWO minutes.
  • Bid winners win their skip. More info here:  How to Pick your Celebrity Skip.
  • Skips who do not receive bids return to the draft.
  • Teams who don’t win a bid (or don’t bid at all) will draft skips based on monies raised or paid, same as previous years. Most money raised gets FIRST pick in the skip draft.
  • All skips in the auction have the same starting minimum bid of $1000.
  • Your entry fee counts towards this $1000. So if you paid a full team entry fee of $450, and you won a skip for $1000, you would owe the difference ($550).
  • Bid minimum increase is $100.
  • Bid winners can apply money they have brought to the Lupus Research Foundation (whether it was fundraised, paid to the foundation, paid via entry fee, matched by someone or a corporation, and so on) toward paying off their winning bid. This is where you fundraising page comes in handy.
    • NOTE:  that means that the money you have brought in (via any means) is subtracted from your bid and you owe the difference.
  • Teams can bid on as many skips as they want and if they win multiple skips, they can pick the skip they want, and the other skip(s) are awarded to the runner-up bid or are returned to the draft.

The idea here is to give you a route to buy the skip you want. By using your entry fee, and all monies you bring in which count towards skip auction or skip draft, you will have more control over your pick of skip and can focus your fundraising efforts on the skip you want.

REMEMBER. All monies you bring in, including your entry fee, corporate matches, sponsorship, personal / direct payments, entry fees, pledges, and other fundraising sources, are applied  to your skip pick bid.

Good luck and have fun!

Use the same login and password you used to set up your team.  If you do not remember your password, click on the forgot password at the bottom of the form the Login to Bid Button directs  you to.  The bidding login was determined by the email used to register your team.  

Select a category below from the dropdown menu to see skips by end-time.   There are 2 end times for the Auction:  the first group ends at 7 pm Central Time and the second group ends at 9 pm Central Time.

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