“Improve Your Score” Package!

Remember the awesome “Mulligans” we provide at the Lupus Spiel? This is just like that, only it’s for golf! And there’s a reason we call it “Improve Your Score”! This ticket package includes a Mulligan, a Gimme, and Throw your Ball. You can buy these on the course, and you can also get them at a discount in the following Early Bird “Fun Package” Special!

Early Bird “Fun Package”  

We are offering fun and fantastic games again! Pick up your “Fun Package” ahead of time for half off. The Fun Package includes on-course games AND the Improve Your Score Package. Note that not all (but most) of the on-course games are included in this package. The Cannon hole (where you blast your ball OUT OF A CANNON) is separate. If you buy it online ahead of time, the Fun Package is HALF OFF. Fun Package includes:  one Improve Your Score Package, tee box games, and on-course games which include prizes of extra raffle tickets. It also includes a Party Cart raffle ticket. This is a $50 value. It can be purchased now for HALF PRICE. The Fun Package will be available on the course day-of; however, it will be $50 (versus the Early Bird price of $25).

Limit one Fun Package per person (a foursome can have four Fun Packages. To make purchasing easier, the team captain may purchase a Fun Packages on behalf of each of the four players so may purchase four Fun Packages).

Get Your Early Bird “Fun Package” HERE!